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TANGO quartet was established in July 2017.

Lead - Krista Fulcher (Chapter at Large)
Bass - Jenny DoRozario (Circular Keys Chorus)
Tenor - Linda Vitali-Alchin (Circular Keys Chorus)
Baritone - Inese Kamenyitzky (Circular Keys Chorus)

Awards and Achievements: 

- Since coming together we have performed at several private functions and we were honoured to sing together with Alouette quartet at CKC’s concert in 2018. 
- Jenny & Inese sang together previously in a quartet (Raw Sugar) for about 12 months. 
- Krista is daughter to Inese and sang with CKC for about 5 years before starting her family. She was lead section leader and in the front row at the time. 
- Jenny is the CKC Bass section leader and is Tango’s music expert. 
- Linda’s children go to the same school which Krista attended so an immediate bond was established. 
- we all have busy family and work lives but find singing together so uplifting and a refreshing break from our daily hectic routines. 


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