Visit a Rehearsal

Visitors are always welcome at our rehearsals.  We rehearse at St Josephs Centre, 33 Barina Downs Road, Baulkham Hills on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm, followed by supper.  If you are interested in joining the chorus we encourage you to come earlier so a member of our Music Team can assess your voice and recommend the voice part most suitable for you.

Rehearsals begin with physical warmups led by our Visual Team, then vocal coaching with our Director.  Visitors are welcome to join us "on the risers" for this part of the rehearsal

During rehearsal you will hear us working on new songs and polishing our existing repertoire.  We usually sing without sheet music (unless we are just starting to learn a new song).  We also practise choreographed moves that assist us to tell the story of the song.

To find St Josephs, look for the St Josephs sign on Barina Downs Road (it's near the intersection with Barina Park Place, on the opposite side of the road) and drive up the short (unnamed) street that takes you up the hill.  Then turn right at the end into the precinct of St Josephs. There is plenty of parking at the rear of the building, accessed by taking the road that wends its way to the right of the main building and entrance circle.

Our rehearsal room can be difficult to find.  Follow the driveway to the right of the main building and park behind the building.  Follow the path underneath and come up the steps to emerge in the central courtyard.  Press the door buzzer for entry, and walk around the passage to the opposite site of the building to find us.  If in doubt, ask any friendly face or check at Reception. 



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