Sing and Shine on a sunny winter's day

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Even the stormy July weather was no match for the radiant warmth being generated at the ‘Sing and Shine’ family concert and graduation ceremony, held on Sunday 17th July in the chapel of St Josephs Baulkham Hills. The winter sun was coaxed out from behind the relentless rain clouds and gave us a glorious day to mark the culmination of the six-week course in barbershop singing.

Fourteen fabulous women graduated from the course where they studied the finer points of barbershop singing, breath support, ear training and good vocal technique. The concert included two new songs which were learnt as part of the course – I Will Survive and All The Things You Are – as well as several favourites from the CKC repertoire.

The women who enrolled in the course came from a wide range of backgrounds and had varying levels of musical ability. At the end of the course, many participants commented on how much they had learned and what a boost it had made to their level of confidence. The graduates will now be invited back to continue the process of becoming fully fledged members of the ensemble. They will join the other amazing women who gather each week to practice and learn new songs to perform at various local community events and competitions around the country.

A big thanks to the many CKC members who helped with the organisation of the Sing and Shine course, and to our wonderful Director, Vicki Dwyer for sharing her extensive knowledge of harmonious vocal production with everyone who attended.

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