It’s a new dawn!

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It's a new dawn. It's a new day. There'll be new songs, to take our breath away. And we're feelin' ... GOOD!

2024, here we come. Welcome back to all our intrepid ladies who helped make 2023 such a buzz. We're looking forward to another big year - with exhilarating stage recitals, the national competition in Fremantle (WA) and the routine activities of meeting together each week, having the best time, and reaching for the stars as we hone our performance techniques. In addition to our regular weekly rehearsals led by master director Vicki Dwyer, we will have several weekend workshops with specialist national and international coaches.

For anyone new out there who’s interested in joining us, right now is a great time to come along and see what's involved. We welcome women of all ages, all vocal ranges and all levels of ability. What we have in common is that we love to sing. Apart from that, new members join our chorus for lots of reasons - to expand their friendships, boost their wellbeing, improve their confidence, do something for themselves - not to mention refining their vocal skills and learning that mysterious dark art of how to sing in 4-part barbershop harmony.  

Our first rehearsal for 2024 will be held on Wednesday, 31st January at St. Joseph’s Baulkham Hills (33 Barina Downs Road, NSW 2155). Starting time is 7:30pm 

For all general inquiries and more information about becoming a member, please send an email to our friendly CKC team at: [email protected] 

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